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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Another belter from this brilliant author.

Cliff turns his hand to the time of Attila and decline of the Roman Empire. It seems not to matter which period or setting Cliff chooses to write about, with every book he writes he breathes life into the distant past, blowing away the cobwebs and giving his readers a vivid, bloody picture of the harsh life in the ancient world.

This book isn't told through the eyes of Attila, in fact his presence in the story is a backdrop for the tale of one Halga Hunding and his small band of warriors. Halga survives the slaughter of his father, and sets out on his own, hoping to win fame and fortune for himself and his men, whilst bringing a bloody vengeance to the man that killed his father.

Attila and his Huns will get in the way of that though, and Halga must fight one of Rome's deadliest foes if he is to live to see his father avenged.

I loved the story from start to finish. It felt like a quick read (no idea on actual length), the plot tearing through the pages as we follow Halga on his quest. Cliff is one of the best historical fiction writers around, this is just his latest example as to why.

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