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SONS OF ROME by Simon Turney and Gordon Doherty

Sons of Rome is one of the most immersive pieces of historical fiction I’ve read. Every page drips with authenticity, from the sounds and smells of the streets of Rome to the rolling thunder of a marching legion.

Simon and Gordon don’t just tell you about the ancient world, they transport you there.

Constantine is one of the most revered emperors from the days of empire, and I found Gordon’s take on his rise to power to be extraordinary. In this first book we begin to see the transformation in his character from a young, proud, ambitious man who loves fiercely and has a strong sense for what is right, into the ruler he will one day become.

Maxentius’ story is less known – barely known at all really, and I found Simon’s depiction of him brilliant. A man stuck in the shadow of his father, learning to be a father himself. One thing that will stay with me long after reading this is Maxentius’ love for his son, Romulus, his desperation to build a better world for him.

Those familiar with this period in history will know how this series will end, though books aren’t all about the destination. It’s the journey that stays with the reader, the strengths and flaws of the characters that travel it. I can’t wait for the next leg of this one.

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