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WAR CRY (de Norton #2) by Ian Ross

The second book in a trilogy is often the hardest one to write. This one though, is brilliant.

In Adam de Norton, Ian Ross has created a fictional character that's woven effortlessly into history. The Baron's War wages, the King of England reduced to little more than a puppet on the end of Simon de Monfort's string, and Adam is at the heart of every sword thrust.

The action is portrayed effectively, the historical events brought together nicely, but it was Adam's own journey that really drew me in. He grows in this book, evolves, and we begin to see the man he will become. I do love a book that educates me as well as entertaining me, and knowing nothing about this period, I found the events fascinating. The ending is set up nicely for the final instalment, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how young Adam de Norton fares, as he shapes up to face his most gruelling challenge yet.

Ian could probably write a Victorian romance and have me hooked. Such is the way he brings the past back to life. And a big shout out to the narrator, I listened to this on audible and it was fantastic!


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