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Updated: Jan 20

Read this a couple of months ago, whilst sunning myself on a beach in Portugal. I have to confess to being a huge Oden fan, Memnon being possibly my favourite book of all of time. This one is very different to Memnon, different to maybe anything ive read before.

A real world based fantasy, set in the Viking Age. It follows the story of an Danish Orc, Grimnir, and follows him on a journey that lasts fifteen years (thanks to a trip past Yggdrasil) and ends in Ireland. The combination of rich storytelling, well rounded and believable characters, a detailed knowledge of the historical background and a strong element of norse mythology is utterly compelling!

It took me a couple of chapters to really 'get in it', but once I was I was hooked, completely unable to stop reading. Really recommend, and can't wait for Twighlight of the Gods next year!

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