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Man, Ian Ross never misses. After leaving the dust of the late Roman Empire behind, he has moved to the middle ages. It's 1264 and England lies on the verge of civil war. The barons are rebelling, dismayed at a king who sees no need to meet the demands of those that should bend the knee before him. Led by Simon deMonfort, the barons demand reform, and will shed blood to get it.

Into this walks Adam de Norton, a lowly squire with no fame and little prospects. His lands lost to him, he finds himself in the service of one Sir Robert de Dunstanville. Robert is no believer in chivalry, in living by a certain code. He believes in winning, on the tourney field or in battle, and nothing will get in his way.

Adam joins Robert on the road, together they fight across the tournament fields of Europe, winning coin and little friends. Adam learns the way of the sword, distinguishes himself with sword and lance, and is finally becoming the man he always envisioned he would.

Across the sea in England, things are reaching boiling point, and Sir Robert must make a choice. Abandon the lucrative tourney's and return to fight? Or ignore the needs of a nation that thinks so little of him? Both knight and squire will return home, and on the fields of Lewes the fate of a nation will be decided. For Adam, he hopes he will find redemption.

Ian writes with such raw authenticity his books really are like travelling through time. The sounds, smells, sights of Europe a thousand years ago are brought back vividly to life. This is historical fiction as it should be written: immersive, authoritative, compelling. Absolutely superb!


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