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BLOODY ROSE (The Band #2) by Nicholas Eames

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

What an absolutely wonderful book! And what a mind Nicholas Eames has!

Kings of the Wyld was an astonishing debut, so fresh and unlike anything else out there. Bloody Rose carries on in the same vein, but what Eames has done so well is to make it into its own stand alone book.

We follow a young girl called Tam Hashford, who is bored of her life working behind a bar. Against her father’s wishes she joins the famous band Fable as they tour the land, fighting yet more weird and wonderful monsters from the Heartwyld.

I felt a bit let down for a while at the start when I realised we were to journey with a new cast of characters, rather than the guys from Saga in the first book. But, you soon discover that this is actually brilliant. A few familiar faces pop up from the first book, but not until you are at least three quarters through, and this just adds another layer to the story.

As I said at the top, this is a complete stand alone novel, and has no immediate connection to the first in the series. The world is once more described vividly and the world building is incredible. Our new cast travel to different areas of the map, so there is very little in terms of repetition from the first book, which again works very well.

I will end by saying that Nicholas Eames is I think the very best fantasy author out there right now, no one quite delivers the full package the way he does. I can’t wait for the next in the series (if there is one, please tell me there is)

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