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Finally it's time for me share the AWESOME cover for Ravensworn with you all! As ever, I am hugely indebted to the amazing team at MoreVisual ltd who have once more knocked it out the park with some amazing art work!

Excited? I am! If you want to pre-order you can order in ebook and paperback from the button above. I'm really excited for you all to read this one. I wrote Oathbreaker four years ago, intending it to be a pallet cleanser, a short novella before I started work on Shield of the Rising Sun. It ended being a full blown novel and proved to be very popular - and as I came to the end of Valentia, I found myself wanting to go back to Alaric and dream up one last adventure for him.

Expect lots of action (this is the bloodiest book I've written yet) bloody battles, betrayals, fearsome warring tribes and one tired old warrior, stuck in the middle. Here's the blurb, incase you've not seen it:

"With an effort I got my other foot planted on the ground and slowly began to rise to my feet. I was battered, broken, bloody. I would not let them see me beaten"

It’s been six years since Alaric’s great defeat. Six years of skulking in the shadows, drinking the days away. He thinks his life over, the glory days behind him. Until a band of horsemen appear on the horizon, eager to recruit the man they still believe to be a lord of war. And so Alaric must drag himself from his slumber, don his mail once more. For in the far north of Germania lies a tribe in desperate need of aid. They seek an army of bristling spears, a wall of wooden shields with an iron will. What they’ll get is one tired old man. In the far reaches of the land, for a cause not his own, Alaric will fly the Raven banner once more. In doing so, he will discover if he is still the man he once was, or if he is destined to feast at the Heroes Hall at last.


I'm now working on a sequel to Valentia, which is really beginning to take shape. Working title is Usurper and I'm aiming to have it done this year and in your hands early 2024 (but could be earlier). Not read Valentia yet, check it out below by clicking on the image:


What else have I been doing? I was on a Podcast a few weeks ago which was a lot of fun. Perky Visuals is the creation of Alex Perkins, an exceptional cover designer, he was a great host and I had a good time chatting to him about all things writing and publishing. You can check it out from the links below:


I think that's everything! Let me know what you think of the cover, either through Social Media or emailing me at

I hope you enjoy the book when it's out next month!


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