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CRUCIBLE OF REBELLION (The Mallory Saga #3) by Paul Bennett

A powerful tale set in a time and place often overlooked. Paul transports you to the beginnings of America, leaving you footsore as you journey with the Mallory's, into a new world.

Really enjoyed this book, the third instalment of The Mallory Saga.

It's a bit deeper than the first two, the existing characters have stronger voices, their experiences have hardened them, changed them, forged them into the people they are. The new ones, the next generation of the Mallory family, are intriguing, and I hope we see more of them as the saga continues.

There aren't many books set in this period of time, and on that side of the pacific ocean, and I think it gives the series a sense of uniqueness. I have nothing to compare it to, I'm unfamiliar with the period, even more unfamiliar with the wars that forged America into a united nation, and that just makes this series a perfect read. It's sheer escapism, I can plunge myself into a new world, absorb the tastes and smells and escape from the 'real world' for a while.

And lets face it, with the sorry state the real world is in right now, what more could I ask from a book?

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