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GODKILLER by Hannah Kaner

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Really enjoyed this, an emotive story in a brilliantly realised world.

The world was ruled by gods once, jealous, greedy beings that lived off the love and gifts of humans. That was until the king decided he'd had enough. Men and gods went to war, a devasting engagement that brought an end to the gods and the world of men to their knees.

Kissen is a godkiller. A woman with a missing leg and a chip on her shoulder. Haunted by childhood trauma, she pushes away the people around her, happier on her own. Inara is a lost girl, her mother slain, her home a burned ruin. She is at her lowest when her and Kissen meet. She is attached to a god, Skedi, the god of white lies. Neither Inara or Skedi know how they came to be attached, Skedi cannot remember a life without Inara.

Elogast is a baker. He was once a knight. Fiercely loyal to his king but desperate to run from the god war and his part in it, he scratches a living at the ovens. Until his king comes to visit. A king that should have died a long time ago. A heart of flames flickers in his chest, a flame diminishing by the day. Elogast is sent on one last mission for his lord, his friend. Can he find the god that is slowly killing him before the flame goes out?

All this sets us up for a really engaging story. Kissen as a strong female protagonist and reluctant hero. Inara the scared child, learning she is much more powerful than she could have ever realised. Skedi the scheming god, desperate to stay alive at all costs. And Elogast the faithful, the soldier, protector. Together they travel the Pilgrim's Road, into the heart of an abandoned city, filled with the ghosts of the past. And there.... well, you'll just have to read the book

(Trust me, you really want to read the book)


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