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LUCIFER'S GAME by Cristina Loggia

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I really enjoy WW2 thrillers, and so was excited to pick this one up. The book has a slow start, the first part I thought could easily have been cut down by a third or so. There’s a lot of telling, not a lot of showing, which doesn’t make for the most engaging reading. Most of this is backstory, and it’s as you move into part two that the plot really drives the story forwards, and this thriller becomes more – well, thrilling.

The scene is set extremely well in the book, whether it’s the streets of Rome, or the plains of Africa, you get a strong sense of place throughout, an easy picture forms in your mind. The characters are well rounded, each with their flaws, and each contributes to the plot, driving it to the conclusion. The research that has gone into the book I can only assume was extensive, as every detail is brought to life on the page, making the story an immersive read. Overall a really enjoyable read, and definitely an author to look out for in the future.

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