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ROBIN HOOD AND THE CALIPH'S GOLD (The Outlaw Chronicles) by Angus Donald

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

This book was a double joy for me. Firstly because it was a more than welcome return to the Outlaw Chronicles, one of my favourite series of books. Secondly because this was the first of the books I’ve actually read (the others all being audio listens) Says a lot for the narrator of the series that I read the book with his voice in my head – Mike Rogers is brilliant!

So this is 2.5 in the series really, taking place straight after Holy Warrior, with Alan, Robin and the rest on the way back from the Holy land after their exploits in the Lionheart’s crusade. Of course, they don’t just ‘go home’, that wouldn’t be Robin’s way!

After a near death experience on the island of Crete, the Locksley men are off to Africa to hunt a caravan of gold. Expect lots of bloody battles, twists and turns as the narrative develops, and lots of cunning from the Lord of Locksley.

As with the original books in the series, the plot for me was secondary, it is the strength of the characters that shine through. Alan Dale is a brilliant narrator of the tale, with Robin, Little John, Hanno and the rest their usual enjoyable selves. There are a couple of new additions which also shine through, and through the whole book I had a feeling of nostalgia. I’m not sure there is another series that quite compares to the Outlaw Chronicles and I found this every bit as enjoyable as the original books, and am delighted there is at least one more for me to read.

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