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THE DARK EARTH (Empires of Bronze #6) by Gordon Doherty

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The sixth book of a series in which I've read none of the first five - not that it mattered.

The story starts as if at a new beginning. The Trojan war is done, the great Hector has fought his last battle and the mighty Achilles has been brought down - the rest I'm sure you know. At the start of this we see Tudha ascend to the Hittite throne upon the death of his father. A young man, with a strong will, stepping out of his father's shadow to rule the lands he was born to. Though those lands are not once they once were.

The Hittite empire crumbles with the walls of Troy, and Tudha faces an almighty fight from enemies abroad, and some from much closer than he thinks.

No spoilers from me! But if like me you've devoured Gordon's 'Legionary' series, you'll know anything he puts out is of the highest quality. This novel has characters to root for, a plot to grip you, and elegant prose to enjoy as you journey through a dying world. Highly recommend

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