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THE RIGHTEOUS (Articles of Faith #2) by David Wragg

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The Black Hawks are back with a bang! (Literally – they’re blowing stuff up)

I‘ve loved this duology, written with such imagination and humour. David has created a wonderful cast of characters that as a reader you can’t help but bond with. In this second instalment he has also ramped up the plot, delivering to the reader a fantasy novel that is pure action and adventure. There is never a dull moment, never a page where the story lulls, and as it develops you begin to feel the wear and tear of The Black Hawks, their exhaustion, physical and emotional, is shown to you well and you can’t help but feel their pain.

There are a couple of new additions from the first book that freshen the cast up, and they add real value to the story.

The world building is also well done, each city or mountain pass has a ‘real’ feel to it, which as a reader heightens your experience as we journey ever north with our favourite band of mercenaries. The end battle is really well written, and even manages to throw a surprise or two in, just when you thought the cast couldn’t be put through anymore, they are, and it’s brilliant!

This is a chunky book, and not a quick read (took me over a month, which is a long time for me) but it holds your interest well, and I always looked forward to picking it back up once I’d had to put it down.

I do hope this isn’t the last we have seen of The Black Hawks, and whatever David writes next, I look forward to getting my hands on a copy as soon as I can!

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