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TROUBLED BLOOD by Robert Galbraith

Really enjoyed this. I was given a copy of this for xmas, having watched the the series on TV and enjoying it, I was looking forward to reading one of the books.

It's a chunky book, and has taken me over two

months to get through, but well worth it. The dual plot lines of Strike and Robin's different cases their agency are working on, coupled with the two going through rough patches in th

eir personal life, are blended together really well.

Much like the TV series the thing that shines through throughout the book is the relationship between Strike and Robin. Their obvious chemistry, the confused feelings each has for the other, it's written really well and gives another layer to an already intriguing plot.

As to the main thrust of the plot, it's a murder that took place forty years ago. The author deserves so much credit for keeping such an audacious thriller together. It's not fast moving by any stretch, but it is compelling and at times chilling. The characters are so well fleshed out, they have a very 'real' feel, and I will be certain to continue reading the next books in the series

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