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WAR LORD (The Last Kingdom #13) by Bernard Cornwell

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Well, that's that then.

For thirteen books Bernard Cornwell has brought to life the making of England. Fourteen years ago this was a period in history barely touched by historical fiction writers, and now there are countless telling stories set in Saxon Britain, this is entirely down to this series.

Uhtred of Bebbenburg is such an engrossing character. From the scared child thrust into the life of the Northmen, to the hard and weather beaten old warrior he has become. It has been enthralling to watch him grow as a character, to see him fight not always for what he wants, but for what or who he believes in.

These books seem to lose their way for a while, somewhere in the middle, but the last two have been a reminder as to just how good they have been as a whole, and why they remain so popular. I for one am gutted that this is the last one, there will never be another quite like Uhtred, son of Uhtred.

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