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BOX 88 by Charles Cummings

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

This was an audio listen for me, and for me the book lost a star due to the narration. There was an annoying pause - somewhere between one second and two - almost between every sentence. Gave the book a very stop/start feel as I was listening and after the first hour it went from a mild annoyance to something that made me grit my teeth.

The story itself is decent, the author knowledgeable is his field. I found the prose to be overly descriptive at times, the author unnecessarily stating the obvious, sometimes I feel you can leave the reader to put two and two together, or work the character's feelings into dialogue. The dual timeline worked very well and was easy enough to follow, and there was a twist towards the end linking the two that I didn't see coming.

The characters - especially the flashback scenes - are both relatable and at times surprising, little twists and turns in the plot keep you interested, and getting a feel for the pressures of Lockland Kite - the story's main character - are easy to feel and understand.

I've seen there's a follow up to this out this month, think I'll give it a go, would like to read more of Lockland Kite and the inner workings of Box 88

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