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HADES (Blades of Bronze #3) By Mark Knowles

Well, Mark Knowles has done it again!

I do love a bit of Ancient Greece. There is a beauty to the myths, a certain seductiveness to these tales of Gods and monsters that have passed from generation to generation down the ages. With all three of these books, I think Mark has really nailed it. There's an authentic feel, believable characters and sprawling plots that suck a reader in.

In this book you have a bit of everything. Aging Argonauts donning their armour for one last battle, Persians rearing ready for war in the east. And in the midst of it all, a few brilliantly realised characters trying to chart a path through the maelstrom.

It's not a fast paced book, but I loved it for that. You are drawn in to this ancient world, you can feel it, smell it. History and myth combine to really bring the story to life, in a way I think only this author could. Highly recommend!


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