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MAYBE YOU WILL SURVIVE: A Holocaust Memoir by Aron Goldfarb and Graham Diamond

This book gets five stars for the incredible story, but loses two for the way it is told.

This is the story of Aron Goldfarb and his family. A Jewish family in Nazi occupied Poland, I cannot even begin to imagine what they must have gone through, what it must have felt to have been the victim of such a devastating persecution.

Trouble is, this book doesn't bring you much closer. It feels rushed, condensed, too much telling not enough showing. I want to feel what Aron felt, smell the smells, picture the sights, but there's never quite enough detail, at no point are we fully immersed into Aron's mind.

Throughout the whole book I felt as though we were watching events unfold from afar, rather than feeling as if I was there with the characters, their emotions intertwined with mine.

It's still a good book, and as I said a the start, the story of Aron and his family is truly remarkable - it just nags me that it could have been that much better

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